Copy of Finding Vivian Maier's privacy

Have you seen the documentary about Vivian Maier?
If you haven’t, you should.

A strict nanny, but also a photographer whose works haven’t seen the light until a few years ago, Vivian Maier made thousands upon thousand of photographs during her lifetime.

Those works have been found and revealed by John Maloof who accidentally bought a huge box of negatives on an auction and found out they were really, really good. He was curious and wanted to know more about the artists herself - who WAS this Vivian Maier?

He tried Google - nothing came up. Strange, isn’t it? He had all this amazing work from a completely unknown photographer and decided to scan the negatives and try reaching for Vivian’s family and friends because Vivian herself passed back in 2009.
There came a surprise - she did not have any family left and not many friends either. The people who remember her most are the kids she used to babysit and they've got both joyful and dark stories to tell about her.

(Photo source HERE)

Deciding to create a documentary about Vivian’s life, even though he’s never met her, Maloof sets out on a mission to connect the bits and pieces of her life.
He was granted access to her storage unit and found a massive pile of Vivian’s stuff like letters, her hats and coats, newspaper articles, undeveloped film, tickets, flyers etc. from the 70s and the 80s.

I won’t be writing a movie review here, but I’ll rather focus on the matter of privacy.

Wikipedia describes privacy as the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively. The boundaries and content of what is considered private differ among cultures and individuals, but share common themes.

With phone and computer hackings, privacy has surpassed being a right and it is now a privilege. Who does have that sort of privilege?
I assume that only a small percentage of people have the freedom to keep their documents private without leaving a trace.

Vivian was a very private, reclusive person. She needed a lock in her room and didn’t allow anybody to come in. She was also a pack rat and her room was the reflection of a typical hoarder: chaotic, with stuff all over the place and so many stacks of newspapers that you could barely walk.

Now that she’s gone, the author of the movie revealed all this information about her to us, the viewers. He revealed the things that she kept in secrecy and didn’t tell anyone about.

There have recently been committed privacy crimes in terms of leaking nude photos of celebrities. Is this much different?
That internet leak of photos was meant to harm and embarrass.
John was fascinated by the splendid works of a photographer the art world knew nothing about. He made sure to have the works exhibited and promoted, therefore promoting the name of Vivian Maier herself.

Would she have approved? And how much does it matter, now that she’s not among the living?

(Photo source HERE)

(Photo source HERE)

From one standpoint, it’s unethical to disrupt someone’s privacy, but from another stance, now we’re given the opportunity to enjoy her work. The Egyptians surely didn’t want anybody rumbling around their pyramids, yet hoards of tourists visit them every day. Many works of art were hidden for decades and, once found, presented to the audience in museums or galleries.

Dedicating yourself to archive and exhibit in public places so many works made by an unknown artist, like Maloof has done, could be a long and nerve-wracking but, in the end, extremely valuable act. We can learn so much not only about the artist, but also about a certain period of time by looking at paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works that emerged from it.

What is the point of creation if you keep it all to yourself? Have those photos actually been created for the eyes of others as well as Vivian’s?

I think I’ve come to an unanswerable question. I find her photographs splendid and I’m glad I can take a sneak peak into Vivian’s world and way of seeing things. 

The best thing to do is watch the movie and judge by yourself. And pssst, rumour has it that the documentary could be nominated for the Oscars!

Let me know in the comments below what you think!
Was it wrong to publicly display all Vivian’s things? Is art meant to be enjoyed by the public?

Summer Recap

Summer has passed so quickly, I still can't get my grasp on it. I spent much time working on my final thesis and tweaking all the little details and tomorrow I'll have my thesis defense and hopefully that'll be the end of my thesis-related bad dreams (really.).

Flowers, flowers, flowers

Roses, sunflowers, flowers whose names I don't even know: they were all very inspirational for me throughout the entire year! I think that part of the reason lies in rereading textile designer Tricia Guild's book Inspiration, given to me for my birthday by a friend years ago (thanx!).

Self-portrait, August 2015.

Self-portrait, August 2015.

Self-portrait, July 2015.

Self-portrait, July 2015.

Self-portrait, April 2015.

Self-portrait, April 2015.

Shooting on the beach

I mostly go to the beach in the evenings: I'm not a fan of sunbathing and in the evenings there are less people as well so I can have my peace. The sea is a fundamental part of my life and I always eagerly wait for summertime to take photos on the beach!

Self-portrait, July 2015.

Self-portrait, July 2015.

Model: Iva Pajović, August 2015.

Model: Iva Pajović, August 2015.

Meeting with friends and nice new people & travelling

Everyone comes to their hometown during summer (having beaches at hand doesn't hurt!) and it's always nice meeting old friends! I've travelled to Perugia in August to visit fellow photographer Alessio Albi, and dear Adi Dekel joined us a few days later: shooting with Rebecca Rocchi, patting horses, watching grumpy llamas (and learning the llama song moves!), playing Playstation (no more P.E.!), meeting Rafael Xypsilon, eating good food prepared by Alessio's mum and listening to his dad's history lessons about the area.

A view of Perugia from Citta' della domenica 

A view of Perugia from Citta' della domenica 


What's better than reading a good book? Or two? Or five?
I liked The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (I do a better job at dividing J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series from her other works now that she writes under a pseudonym), Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl had its funny moments and I'm currently in the middle of reading Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar and Marina Fiorato's The Botticelli Secret.

And movies!

The Royal Tenenbaums can finally be removed from my watchlist - I loved the movie!
On the Pula Film Festival was an amazing Serbian movie entitled Next to Me that we couldn't stop talking about! 

Pula Film Festival in the Roman amphitheater 

Pula Film Festival in the Roman amphitheater 

Lazy Sunday Links #3

Bea Szenfeld is a Swedish theatrical fashion designer who creates amazing whole-body pieces out of paper and cardboard. ''Haute Papier'' is a collection designed for Spring/Summer 2014., but I haven't seen it until about a week ago and I think it's worthy of sharing!
Bea also made garments worn by Bjork and Lady Gaga (for her video G.U.Y).

Just WHO doesn't love winter scarves? If there's one thing I can't get enough is the warm feeling of a colorful scarf wrapped around my neck during the coldest winter days. This year my mum is crafting me a long orange one! Take a look at these ones suggested by Refinery29!

Entrepreneur contributor Jacqueline Whitmore shares some tips on Ways to Get People to Believe, Like and Respect You!

What a great way to start the week, isn't it?

Alexandra Avakian, a photographer working for Time and the New York Times was at the scene in 1989. during the fall of the Berlin Wall. You may or may not believe in the story she wrote (although I see no reason why she would lie about it), but the astounding photographs she had taken there are bone-chilling!

On a lighter note: where will you be on New Year's Eve? Instagram photographer @josephowen shares some incredible London views! Well, just a suggestion :)

One of the young photographers whose work I regularly follow, the Munchen-based Laura Zalenga, starred in a beautifully poetic music video by Dobre'! She runs through fog, city streets and woods, but you have to watch it until the end to understand the meaning! :) 

Lazy Sunday Links #2

It's Sunday again! Isn't it amazing how fast time flies by sometimes?

This week I've got a TON of awesome links I want to share with you all and I think you're really going to enjoy scrolling through them with your favourite cup of coffee/tea! :)

Do you know what it takes to feel like a creative expert


If you’re a freelancer/entrepreneur, you must surely need some sort of planner to keep on track! Vicky writes about ‘Passion Planner’ which is an intricate paper planner created to mark your goals and to-do lists. Will you give it a try?

Empty walls call for some beautiful art works! In case you’re not quite sure how to decorate an empty wall, here is a guide for planning a gallery style art wall!

Kyle Thompson’s book would make a lovely gift for everyone who loves emotive conceptual photographic work, check it out!

A friend recently told me that Tomoyuki Shinohara’s work reminds her of my photos! Such a compliment, what do you think?

Oh, and surely, a bit of eye-candy: cozy knits make perfect autumn wear! Plus, I adore gray both in design and clothing!


First blog post

Hi everyone! :)

I’m so excited that I finally started my blog, something I’ve been meaning to do for the past year.

Getting through college (Academy of applied arts; I still need to major next year) taught me one thing: you learn more from your fellow colleagues and friends than from professors.
Furthermore, you learn more on your own; be that exploring the internet, watching tutorials and, of course, making your lazy self get off that chair and go practice into THE REAL WORLD (this sounds scary).

I’ll be covering a lot of topics in my comfy little space of the net here, which can be divided into these categories:
1. behind the scenes photos + videos (yay, videos!)
2. showcasing my latest projects
3. thoughts and opinions about various photography-related stuff
4. tutorials

… and I’m thinking about conducting interviews with photographers I admire, but let’s leave that for now as a Plan B, just an option I’ve been thinking about.
Blogging is rewarding in terms of self-growth, but also time-consuming.

So, to paraphrase Albus Dumbledore (#HarryPotterFan): ”I’ll continue writing this blog in the hope that you will find it entertaining and instructive.”