Lazy Sunday Links #1

Hi everyone and welcome to Lazy Sunday Links, my new weekly collection of awesome discoveries!

Every week I come across so many interesting articles, videos and photos that I'd love to share with you!
Photography, fashion and entrepreneurship are three very intertwined categories and none of them is a lonely island, but rather a piece in the puzzle.

Today I've got some amazing links for you, check them out and enjoy your Sunday! :)

Image rights belong to Lar Rattray

Image rights belong to Lar Rattray

Whoever knows me better is aware that I'd LOVE to photograph ballerinas one day and that they provide a huge inspiration for my work! Upon seeing these ballerina images of the Cape Town City Ballet created by Lar Rattray I was amazed. The colours, the atmosphere, everything is so beautiful! 

Do you know that old Hollywood photographs were retouched before Photoshop was even in sight? Take a look!

Do you have a blog-related creativity block? Or have you just started and need a push in terms of fresh ideas? Alisha Nicole is sharing a few tips!

Iceland has been on my travel wishlist for so long! Take a look at this inspiring video made on Iceland by Whitney Justesen (and PLEASE, do yourself a favour and watch this in HD)!


Have you SEEN these shoes? Jolan van der Wiel created them for Iris van Herpen with the use of magnets and they almost seem surreal!