Lazy Sunday Links #3

Bea Szenfeld is a Swedish theatrical fashion designer who creates amazing whole-body pieces out of paper and cardboard. ''Haute Papier'' is a collection designed for Spring/Summer 2014., but I haven't seen it until about a week ago and I think it's worthy of sharing!
Bea also made garments worn by Bjork and Lady Gaga (for her video G.U.Y).

Just WHO doesn't love winter scarves? If there's one thing I can't get enough is the warm feeling of a colorful scarf wrapped around my neck during the coldest winter days. This year my mum is crafting me a long orange one! Take a look at these ones suggested by Refinery29!

Entrepreneur contributor Jacqueline Whitmore shares some tips on Ways to Get People to Believe, Like and Respect You!

What a great way to start the week, isn't it?

Alexandra Avakian, a photographer working for Time and the New York Times was at the scene in 1989. during the fall of the Berlin Wall. You may or may not believe in the story she wrote (although I see no reason why she would lie about it), but the astounding photographs she had taken there are bone-chilling!

On a lighter note: where will you be on New Year's Eve? Instagram photographer @josephowen shares some incredible London views! Well, just a suggestion :)

One of the young photographers whose work I regularly follow, the Munchen-based Laura Zalenga, starred in a beautifully poetic music video by Dobre'! She runs through fog, city streets and woods, but you have to watch it until the end to understand the meaning! :)