Lazy Sunday Links #2

It's Sunday again! Isn't it amazing how fast time flies by sometimes?

This week I've got a TON of awesome links I want to share with you all and I think you're really going to enjoy scrolling through them with your favourite cup of coffee/tea! :)

Do you know what it takes to feel like a creative expert


If you’re a freelancer/entrepreneur, you must surely need some sort of planner to keep on track! Vicky writes about ‘Passion Planner’ which is an intricate paper planner created to mark your goals and to-do lists. Will you give it a try?

Empty walls call for some beautiful art works! In case you’re not quite sure how to decorate an empty wall, here is a guide for planning a gallery style art wall!

Kyle Thompson’s book would make a lovely gift for everyone who loves emotive conceptual photographic work, check it out!

A friend recently told me that Tomoyuki Shinohara’s work reminds her of my photos! Such a compliment, what do you think?

Oh, and surely, a bit of eye-candy: cozy knits make perfect autumn wear! Plus, I adore gray both in design and clothing!