10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll be sharing 10 things you might not know about me!

1. I’m a bookworm.
… and I’ve always been one! The first book that got me more seriously into this bookworm-thing was Artemis Fowl, an SF adventure that made me hungry for more (even though I almost gave up on the second book, it was kind of boring actually). What REALLY got me staying up awake at 11 until 3am during summer reading was Harry Potter. Yes, I was born at the right time and grew up with Harry, Hermione and Ron by my side (let’s not forget Ginny ‘cause she’s amazing). Ever since, I’ve read and bought so many books and they’ll always lead me into another dimension where I can perform magic, walk down a runway or shoot in the deepest corners of the Amazon.


A part of my collection. :)

A part of my collection. :)


… is awesome. I buy a 99,9% peanuts and a-lil-bit-of-salt kind and I love spreading it on a slice of bread for breakfast. Add a glass of orange juice to that and enjoy.

3. I’m a design-minimalist

Well, so far you’ve probably seen my website and my works.
In my approach to design and photography I like to keep things to a minimal. I love Scandinavian design and it has had a strong influence on my taste with an emphasis on details and negative space.
My photographic works might not be as ‘minimal’ as my graphic works, but they still DO keep a certain clean and simple aesthetics without distractions.

Nadan's hands, 2011.

Nadan's hands, 2011.

4. Cute tea cups are a MUST

Okay, I love having an afternoon (or morning. Or evening.) tea and that’s why I want to consume it from nice cups that make me happy.

5. I ADORE cats

They’re my favourite beings walking on Earth! Yes, those little stinky-tails are so insanely cute when they curl up beside you on the couch and purr.
… until they get enough of it and then bite you! C’mon, cat, play nice.
Currently I have three cats! My black tomcat (two other kitties are black-and-white) modeled for me in one of my fav. self-portraits (below) :)


Self-portrait with Loptica, August 2014.

Self-portrait with Loptica, August 2014.

6. I like to spend the whole day in my PJs. They’re just TOO comfy, right?

7. My IMDb watchlist currently consists of 465 titles. I love cozy nights in watching movies with my boyfriend. :)

8. The topics of my final thesis is ''the relationship between the media and society with an emphasis on beauty''. It's the biggest project I've been working on so far and it strongly depends on other people and their willingness to share personal experiences and worldviews through interviews and stories. In the end, the thesis will take form of a magazine.
Interested in participating? Let me know!

9. Travelling is my passion. I’ve been to many countries around Europe, but I’d like to travel and see more and take the time to really experience different cities. My three favourite places so far were Paris (such a lovely city & had an amazing time with amazing people), Barcelona (I felt at home after a few days already!), Venice (stayed there for 2 weeks doing a workshop) and Bentlage in Germany (you can’t beat its utterly beautiful nature).

The sight of Paris from the upper floor of the Centre Pompidou.

The sight of Paris from the upper floor of the Centre Pompidou.

10. I’ll soon open up an Etsy store for my brand-new jewellery! I’ll make sure to inform you on that, might make great gifts for your loved ones. :)

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