This Month's Goal: Trying out Ballet Beautiful

Hi everyone!

Maybe you are wondering: why should I care about barre workouts if I came on this blog to search for photography tips?

Well, there is a pretty serous why you should care - and it's for your own good.

I have creative friends and colleagues and all of us, regardless of what we do, have one thing in common: we spend way too much time sitting (in front of the computer) and not nearly enough time being active and doing sports.

Of course, that doesn't sound like a huge deal when you're twenty. But later on, a scenario similar to mine happened to many of my friends: back pain, neck pain, the computer wrist syndrome. It sucks being less than a quarter of a century old (now that sounds ancient!) and having all these health problems just because of our lifestyle.

girl and the sea

When I was on my third year of college, I first started having lower back pain. It continued on and on until I really started to wonder what was going on. Being skinny all my life, I kind of thought that I will get away with not working out, but it was far away from the truth.

Luckily, my boyfriend had experience in sports and advised me to start stretching. I was reluctant at first, thinking it's just a waste of time and won't solve anything. The truth is - damn, if only I had started earlier!

Slowly, motivating myself every time to do better and more, I kept my stretching routine for about three years before I started working out. If I had started both at the same time, I know for certain I would have failed and given up, because it would have been too much for me, both physically and mentally.

legs and curtains

And here's where Ballet Beautiful comes into play!

I loved the movie Black Swan a lot and, Googling, came to know about Mary Hellen Bowers, the founder of Ballet Beautiful. She offers custom workouts, streaming videos, DVDs and a book as well. I found the book in the library and though it was interesting enough.

This month I decided to give Ballet Beautiful's streaming videos a try and to keep you posted about my progress and the overall feel about it. I want to see how my body's response to classes will be like and how it will make me feel.

It's so important to keep our bodies active and get up from time to time instead of being glued to the screen!

As I'm typing this, I'm rocking back and forth on my yoga ball because the thing I'm going to do next is - have a nice stretch.

Talk to you next week, friends!