Behind The Scenes of ''Together''

My boyfriend Aleks has been assisting me on shoots for ages - he’s the one who presses the 10-second timer on my camera for so many photos! (I have FINALLY bought a wireless remote and can’t wait to get ahold of it)

I had already created a few self-portraits with him in the past, but it was only this September that we had finally made a photo we both really liked.

The whole shoot was so funny! The puddle of mud was cold and situated on the ‘’busiest’’ of wood roads (read: people owning olive trees and shepherds passing); we were lucky that on the day of our shoot nobody had to pass!

Aleks’s dog was so curious to see what the hell we were doing that she can be spotted somewhere in the frame of many unretouched photos.
At one point we started jumping and the dog quickly joined in while I almost fell because the mud was so slippery - which only made us laugh!


This is the photo that turned out to be the final image. But here you can see the dog peeking :)

This is the photo that turned out to be the final image. But here you can see the dog peeking :)


I was so happy with the outcome of this shoot and, seeing that the road has recently been covered with gravel and there are no puddles left, I was very pleased that we had managed to shoot this in time.

Because, guess what?

If you have an idea - do it.

Don’t just store it in the back of your brain or sketch it; if you have got everything you need to execute it, why wait?
That awesome tree you’d like to photograph may fall down, or that dry fallen tree may be taken to the dumpster. Seasons fly by, people change, clothes get torn or worn out.

Many of us get great ideas while brainstorming, but nothing will become of them if we just leave them laying sketched in our notebooks.

If you’ve got a clear idea in mind (or even if you don’t!) seize the opportunity and try to make the best out of it!


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