A Sahara in the Netherlands

Do you know that there is a Sahara in the Netherlands? Well, I didn't know either!
Not until I took part of a youth exchange, ReMOVEit, in the little town of Ommen. It looked like a cluster of gingerbread houses and the Christmas decor, although it was already February, was still on full display in the streets.
The exchange was all about body movement and, along with 60 other youngsters from all over Europe, we danced, jumped, moved to the rhythm of kizomba (I failed), tried acro yoga (I rocked), stretched, ran, did improv theater and a lot of other fun things.
Was it intense? Sure so.

But when I think about some funny moments they make me laugh out loud - still! 

in the sahara ommen
snow in ommen
snow in ommen
walking in a blanket
beautiful portrait of a girl
guy with glasses smoking
man portrait through the window
man in blanket on snow