Shooting Logomania - an Upbeat Campaign on Ibiza

The sand was soft under our feet, the salty air caressing our hair. You could hear the waves and the wind, bringing echoes of people enjoying the last rays of sunlight before dusk.

The light was just about perfect when we set off to shore on one of Ibiza's beaches. It was the best setup to follow the brief - ''do whatever you think will work out great''.



Having this kind of absolute creative freedom may feel like anyone's dream come true. Sometimes, though, it may come off as rather hard. This sounds counter-intuitive. 

How is following someone else's idea easier than creating your own?

There are a million different ways on how to approach a shoot, and freedom demands of you to be your own creative director. 

While following a brief means you have guidelines that you must follow, freedom means you need to define your own guidelines. 

My thought process requires structure. The only times when I don't need it is when I'm doodling in my sketchbook, although you can see that there are certain rules that I unconsciously follow.

I approach any project, regardless of the medium, by creating a clear set of rules that I will follow throughout in order for the end result to be cohesive.

A logical connection is important to see the final project come together.

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For this shoot I decided to take a fun, upbeat, youthful approach with elements of lifestyle photography.

After all, we were in a magnificent place with my team of gorgeous ladies, shooting mostly swimwear and clothing that could be easily worn in spring as well as autumn, all coming from the hands of the Croatian designer Iggy Popović.

A readhead, a brunette and a blonde - it felt a bit like shooting one of those Benetton campaigns from the 90s that caught flame like wildfire.

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